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Monday, 12 August 2013

Waste into Art School Project


Last Friday I spent a lovely morning at my daughter Poppy’s school, helping the children with their project for our local ‘Waste into Art’ competition. We have a total of 10 students at the school, and they are ALL wonderful little people.

I had to come up with a project that would allow each student to do something individual, yet would work together as a ‘whole’ project. The competition (as the name says) only allows the use of rubbish or recycled material.

So we made a ‘Modern Cardboard Quilt’ for some wall art using cardboard from old boxes and discarded stockfeed bags.

It was very simple! And fun! Firstly I cut 10 rectangles out of some old boxes. I had to join a few together with masking tape to get them the right size.

Then I painted each one a different colour, making sure that all the colours worked when the rectangles were placed together.
Each child was then given a painted cardboard rectangle, a large piece of stock feed bag, a pair of scissors and HEAPS of glue.
I gave the children some examples of designs to use… and then I let them go for it!

We all had a great time, and one of the most fun things for the children was getting to use the vacuum cleaner at the end to clean up all our mess!!

Once it’s dry, I’m going to join the rectangles at the back with masking tape, and then hang them up, probably just with blue-tac.

Enjoy your week and I hope you fit something creative into it!


Monday, 20 August 2012

Make an Art Piece using Second-Hand Curtain Rings


Last week a friend of mine was clearing out one of her cupboards and found a bag of second hand curtain fittings that she’d purchased for $3 from an op shop. She very kindly gave the bag to me to do something with (thanks Donna!!)

So I made this Art Piece out of the old curtain rings!
I just used a piece of good-quality plywood that I had lying around, and glued the rings on with Liquid Nails. I worked out the placement of the rings first, and then glued each one. If you were trying something similar, just make sure that the balance of any darker (or even coloured would be nice) rings is even and works well with the rest of the placement of your curtain rings. 

Although the design is simple, it looks very effective hanging up. It is quite similar to my Cup Circles Painting. I’ve currently got it hanging on the exterior of my house near an eating area – this art piece is nice and hardy so it will be fine outside under the verandah.

And I’ve got some more projects to come out of that same bag of second hand curtain fittings! Watch this space!

Happy making!