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Monday, 4 November 2013

Budget Red and Blue Kitchen Makeover

Home Decorating:

This is the little kitchen in our guest cottage. This makeover was definitely budget - basically as cheap as they come!

These before photos show just how LOVELY the kitchen was before I started fixing it up.

This is a basic list of what I did to this room to make it look heaps better!
  • Huge amounts of cleaning
  • Huge amounts of no-gapping
  • Painted all the walls and ceiling
  • I painted the floor the same way that I did for the other rooms in this house
  • Our builder very kindly gave us some leftover tiles he had to do the splashback and we also did the top of the bench with leftover floor tiles. I also added a ‘H’ and a ‘C’ above the appropriate taps
  • I took off all the doors of the top cupboards, to open the room up a bit
  • I took out the ill-fitting drawers and instead sewed a curtain to go in the middle of the bottom cupboards

  • I changed the handles of all the cupboards
  • I added a shelf above the stove to break up that wall a bit
  • I added a little cabinet that I’d bought from the Salvos for $15 at the end of the benches.
  • And then I decorated the room with lots of things that I already had! I was especially pleased to be able to use all my lovely blue and white things in this room. They look so good next to the red

It’s a very functional little kitchen and is certainly a MAJOR improvement on what it originally looked like!

Hope you are enjoying any makeovers that you’re doing at your place!


Monday, 7 January 2013

Big Red Egg Painting on Plywood


This project was quick, cheap and easy! I knew I wasn’t going to have much time this week, and this painting literally took me half an hour to complete, including drying time!

My lovely Christmas tree picture had to come down this week, and I wanted to put something bright and modern and with a touch of Scandinavian in its place.

So I purchased a piece of good quality plywood from Bunnings for about $16 (900 x 600 x 12), drew my egg outline on it in pencil, and then painted it. The colour I used was Dulux Red Alert.

It’s a VERY simple design (no skill required!), but the picture looks so contemporary hanging on my kitchen wall.

This project also has endless possibilities for variations in colour and choice of object. Even a set of three plywood panels with different coloured eggs would look great too.

Happy painting!