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Monday, 22 October 2012

My Big New Rural Mailbox With Modern Property Signage

Home Decorating:

I realise that it may seem quite strange that I’m posting a photo and details of my new mailbox, but I just love it! I actually thought it might be helpful to post about it, because when I went to find something recently to replace our old one, I couldn’t really find anything suitable to buy.

We used to have a small-ish barrel hanging down from a chain and a frame, and while its size was perfect for letters (not that there are as many of those these days!), we couldn’t have anything delivered to us in the mail direct to our property because no parcels would fit into it!

So I set about designing a new mailbox that was:

  • Large enough to cope with receiving large parcels, farm deliveries and the occasional groceries-on-the-mail order
  • Easily accessible from the car window – basically I didn’t want to have to get out of my car to collect my mail!
  • Good looking, practical, modern and a bit funky!
Once I came up with the design and size that I wanted, our clever builder then built this for us.

He cemented the steel frame (which he welded together) into the ground first, then built a wooden box and then clad it in the corrugated iron.

The whole box was then attached to the frame. The lower part of the door can easily be opened from the car window, and the whole door can also be opened to cope with large deliveries.

I then had a metal property sign made up for me and I attached it to the mailbox using heavy duty double-sided sticky tape.

It is getting lots of use!

Happy decorating!