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Thursday, 7 March 2013

Paper Napkin Bowl


Firstly I apologise for only having a single photo for you this week. We are away on holidays and I forgot to bring the camera with the photos of me making this! Oops!

Anyway, this is a super simple way to make a really sweet bowl using paper napkins.

I bought the napkins at Ikea and found I was reluctant to use them as I thought they were too dammed pretty. Solution - make something with them!

So without photos to show you I will keep the instructions really basic:

1. Choose a bowl shape you want to use and cover the outside with a thin layer of vegetable oil spray and then 2-3 good layers of cling wrap. This will mean you can removed your bowl easily once it's done.

2. Tear or cut up your napkins to a size that reflects the bowl you are going to make.

3. Like you would paper mache, start layering up the strips of paper napkin using modge podge as your glue. If you want to have a really clear image of your napkin and not layer the print, just use a plain white napkin for a couple layers first and then a single layer of your print napkin.

4. Leave to dry for a few days and then remove the cling wrap. 

5. Trim the edges and you are done.

Happy crafting.

Caity x