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Thursday, 19 September 2013

Updating a Guest Bedroom

Home Decorating:

We have great friends coming to visit this weekend. It inspired me to get cracking on redecorating my guest bedroom. The room is pretty simple. A bed. A desk (needs to double as my study). A couple of old stools I use as bedside tables. Lamps. Comfy chair.

So I needed to brighten it up without adding too much more 'stuff'. It was a great way to use my collection of Enid Blyton books. I added a fern and a small pot of ground cover. 

I focused mainly on the desk and wall behind it. First I hung some cute prints I'd bought on etsy about a year ago - they are of each of my favourite cities - London, San Fransisco, New York and Paris.

The frames are from Ikea - just $14 each which is great value.

I also relocated my aqua chair to pick up the blue in the prints. Sitting on the chair is the family of birds cushion

The room feels so much brighter and welcoming for friends now - inspires me to get a few more projects done around the home.

Happy home decorating!

Caity x

Friday, 16 August 2013

Yellow 'Pop' Mirror

Home Decorating:

Spring must be on its way - we had a mid-week public holiday this week and instead of relaxing I spent the day reorganising my home!

In the process of this I found this mirror I had been given a few years back. It had the old shabby chic paint job and I figured it could do with a bit of an update.

I simply gave the mirror a light paint with a sample pot of Dulux 'Happy' - gosh I love the name! And it really makes me happy just looking at it.

It now sits on top of the old cupboard in my dining room, which used to be the toy cupboard in Thom's room. 

Happy decorating!

Caity x