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Thursday, 4 October 2012

'Wash' and 'Dry' Embroidered Towels


This week I had fun making some simple guest towels.

If you can do basic embroidery, I promise you, you can make these towels!

Similar to my Little Bit of Love Cushion, I used the Pilgi font which I typed up and printed in 288 and 144 font size. 

Next I traced my words onto the towels with a water soluble pen and then embroidered them with a lovely bright blue pearl cotton using a small chain stitch.

Finally I gave the embroidery a good spray with a water bottle to dissolve the pen marks. Then they were ready to use!

This washer and towel project took me about 45 mins in total, and I did it all while I was watching TV one night! They are nice and quick and will make your guest feel that little bit more special!

Happy Sewing!

Caity x

Thursday, 28 June 2012

'A Little Bit of Love' Cushion


This week I thought I might get back to some basic embroidery. I used to embroider all the time when I was younger - but I guess now working and having a little boy to look after there isn't as much spare time anymore...but I miss it.

So I thought I would start small. I made this cushion by first embroidering in chain stitch the word 'love' onto a nice natural linen. 

To get the lettering looking nice i just tried out different fonts on the computer and then printed one off in the size i wanted and traced it onto the linen with a water soluble marker.

To make this into a cushion I used the following:

  • a 16 inch zip
  • 2m of 20mm white ric-rac
  • 1m of this cool flora print that coordinates with my aqua 'love'
  • 1 - size 18 cushion insert
I won't go through the detail of how to assemble the cushion - it's a pretty basic process and there are many blogs that already go into the tiny details. But I will pass on some of my tips I found useful:

1. If you want to have cushions with that nice plump look always buy a cushion insert one size larger than the finished cushion size you want to make. 

2. When assembling the cushion if you are a little nervous about the rid-rac ending up where it should be just sew it onto the reserve side of the front cushion piece first just inside the edge. Then when you assemble the cushion if you follow just inside the line you have already attached the binding with it will be in the perfect spot.

3. Make sure you use colours that contrast well for the font and the background - you want your text to stand out!

4. Before turning the cushion to the right side clip the seams around the corners at 1cm intervals - this will help them achieve that nice soft curve you are hoping for on the ric-rac corners.

5. When you choose backing fabric you don't decide halfway though that you'd actually like to use this fabric on the front of a cushion and wander off and start another project like I did(results to come soon!).

Enjoy your sewing....I know I will!

Caity x