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Friday, 17 February 2012

Storage and Decorating Ideas for a Small Home Office

Home Decorating:

This is our office - (I cleaned it up for the photo by the way... so don't think that it looks this good all the time!) It is a very small room, more of a hallway really. Originally, this is how it looked (below).

As with all my renovations and decorating, my changes had to be cheap! This is a brief summary of all that I did:

- I moved the original shelving unit to the end wall (you can see in the 'before' photo where the shelving stood before being moved), and we had a builder install a laminate desk that runs from one end of the office to the other

- I positioned the printer and hardrive on the shelf, to keep it out of the way of our desk space. I also made one of the shelves smaller to store paper, envelopes etc

- I painted all the walls and the ceiling. I painted a green feature wall to make the room look a little bigger and more modern

- We had an electrician remove the flourescent light that was on the wall, and install track lighting from one end of the room to the other

- I purchased a two-drawer white filing cabinet so that I had some filing storage that sat neatly under the desk

- I also purchased a magazine/document storage rack from IKEA, which helps to keep stuff off the desk

- I covered a pinboard in white material and we attached it to the wall. The pinboard runs nearly the length of the room, and this also helps to keep stuff off the desk!

- I added a peace lily plant to try and soak up some of the "bad air" coming from having machines in a small space

- For a pencil tin, I painted a baked beans tin white. Very cheap and easy!