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Monday, 25 February 2013

Framed Tissue Pictures


This project is SO simple and is very similar to Caity’s Wrapping Paper Art and my Tea Towel Pictures.

Recently I was looking for some fabric or paper to co-ordinate with a room in my spare cottage. I had purchased the fabric that I used for the curtains and cushions for $1 a metre from Spotlight, (what a bargain! - and it looks lovely), but I had lots of trouble finding another design in the right colour to work in with the coloured walls and the fabric.

Then one day I was standing in the line waiting at Lincraft… and I saw one of those little packets of trendy tissues in JUST the right colour!

So I bought three small-ish white frames, and popped a section of the tissue in each one. This is a quick summary of how to do it:
  1. Cut out a piece of tissue that fits into the mount size in the frame
  2. Use sticky tape to secure the tissue piece to the back of the mount
  3. Put back some of the bits of paper that come with the frames behind the tissue and mount (flip them over so that they are white at the back of the tissue, not the 'photo' picture
  4. Put the frame back together!
Talk about a cheap and easy DIY artwork solution!

Happy making!